Thursday, September 25, 2008

Neil 15th Birthday

Here is Neil blowing out those 15 candles on his "money" cake. You can see Austin helping him blow!
Neil got a new play kitchen for his birthday...not really! I bought it to go down into the playroom for the grandchildren. However, Neil (and Cade) had fun putting it together. We got up into the attic and found the play dishes and pretend food that Nichole had in her play kitchen. So the kids had fun showing it all to Austin on Saturday.

Neil requested french toast and bacon for his breakfast. We had Jimmy John sandwiches and lots of other food for lunch while watching the BYU vs. Wyoming game. We had birthday cake later in the afternoon. Then Neil wanted more than anything to go eat dinner at his favorite place...Outback Steakhouse. We all had a fun day! We wish Chad, Melinda, Mikel, Troy & Amy could have been here too. Well, we wish all of our friends & family could be here! :)

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Lori J (UrgentCookie) said...

Happy Birthday, Neil! Looks like a fun time. :0)