Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Found the North Rim Photos!

Finally found the North Rim photos...Brent had downloaded them on his laptop and deleted them from the camera. We had a great time and saw some amazing scenery! It even was a nice day...not so hot.

Busy week...

Neil & Cade went back to school on Tuesday!
Neil is at Dixie Middle School (9th grade) Cade is at Tonaquint (6th grade)

Last minute trip before school started. This is out in the Big Water area by Lake Powell.

Overlook at Glen Canyon Dam at Lake Powell. Didn't take the boat there this time.

The site of the filming of the T.V. show Gunsmoke. It was also used for a lot of other western movies. It is up in Johnson Canyon outside of Kanab.

Last week we had two fun little trips. Brent had business up North and we rode up and visited with Chad, Melinda & Mikell. It was really fun to see them even though it was a short visit. Then on the weekend we went to Kanab on business for Brent, then Lake Powell - Big Water area for business, then for fun drove out to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. I am adding a few photos, but when I opened the camera file there weren't any of the photos we took at the North Rim so I don't know what happened.