Saturday, September 6, 2008

Mikell comes to Visit Grandma & Grandpa

Mikell is visiting Grandma & Granpa this week while Chad & Melinda are in Orlando for a vacation. They are using the Christmas present Marriott Week. We are having so much fun with Mikell. Here she is having breakfast. Melinda told us that she loves to dip her food in...dip. So here she is with some waffle pieces (Grandpa made for her) and she is dipping them into her little pile of syrup on the table. So cute! Todd & Rakel came over to watch the BYU vs. Washington game and so afterwards we had a little swimming party, and Mikell loved the water, but the pool was a little cold, so they mostly stayed in the hot tub.
I have more photos and some video but it is getting late and I need my "beauty sleep" and so look for more photos to come soon!

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oh how cute!! We miss our little funny girl and all her faces she pulls...who knows where they come from!! :) Thanks and hope you got your beauty sleep!! Lucky you she's been sleeping in till nine!! Hopefully she keeps that up:) love ya