Monday, September 8, 2008

BYU Fans & Wild Play with Uncle Cade

Here are a couple of the BYU fans here at the house on Saturday! It was such an exciting game...we loved it...BYU winning by 1 point with 2 seconds left in the game. That blocked kick was amazing! Mikell & Austin had fun playing together. I tried really hard to get photos of the 3 grandchildren together and it was just about impossible to get a good photo.
Here is the video that Chad & Melinda have been waiting for. Sorry it took me so long. Also, it takes awhile to get videos downloaded on my dumb computer. Enjoy!!!



oh so cute! SHse looks like chad 100% in the one with Mikell and Austin:) THanks for adding that even though videos are a pain! We LOVED it!! It made our day!!

amy g said...

GO COUGS! I like Todd's hat :). That video of Mikell is so cute. All little kids love Cade. Troy thinks it's his big head.


Guess what I forgot to call you today but Mikell said grama twice this morning and then was jumping on the couch and playing like she was with Cade on the vidoe and so I played with her for a little bit but I'm sure Cade is way better at it...more energy! haha Thanks again so so much for watching her! I'm glad she was good for you! PS She has woken up at 7:15 on the dot every morning...what did you do to get her to sleep till nine???