Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Trip to Logan and West Jordan

We drove up to Logan October 3rd and attended the BYU vs. Utah State football game. It was a fun game and exciting. Troy & Amy wore their Aggie shirts and Neil & Cade wore their BYU shirts (all navy blue). Brent & I had neither so we just wore our royal blue Dixie High school shirts. Of course BYU won!!! (Don't be too sad Troy & Amy :) )

Saturday we drove up Logan canyon and then over to Bear Lake. It was raining and so we jumped out every so often to get some photos. The canyon really had some beautiful fall colors! We had a fun day!

Here is Cade showing me all of the gorgeous leaves than had fallen.

Brent, Neil, Troy, Amy & Cade on the shore of Bear Lake.

Neil, Kristine, Amy, Troy & Cade. We stopped to enjoy raspberry shakes & lunch at Le Beau's (in the background of this photo).

We stopped and Chad & Melinda's on Sunday morning and watched conference. It was fun to see all of Mikell's new tricks. She is is so cute! This is Mikell's cute little poodle costume for Halloween! I was glad to see it on her since we won't be able to see it on her in person on Halloween. She wasn't feeling well that day and so wasn't thrilled to show us her costume.

Chad & Melinda fed us a great lunch! Cade & Neil had fun playing with Mikell...even blowing bubbles outside after the rain cleared out. After our visit there we headed to Grandma & Grandpa Gardner's in Provo for a quick visit before hitting the road to head back to home. It was a great little get away weekend!!


Lori J (UrgentCookie) said...

Looks like a fun filled time! Your pics are great.


Cute pics!! I love the ones in the canyon!! Thanks for visiting! We love to see you and we will see you in a couple weeks!

Holly Goodman said...

Next time you are going through that area we should have you over for dinner or something. We live right there in Brigham City. We've been meaning to invite your kids over sometime since we live so close to two of them!