Friday, February 20, 2009

Good News

I thought I would add another photo of Kurt. Here he is enjoying some coconut milk. This photo was taken in Consuelo. This security guard had a machete and just hacked the top off for the Elders to enjoy.
Austin & Rakel made this cute "Get Well" arrangement for Grandma! It was so fun to get it and I had to get a photo. Anyway, I am better today!! I had a doctor appointment yesterday and found out I am not neutropenic anymore! I was at the doctor's office for 2 hours and when I left I headed straight to pick up Brent and made him take me to lunch so I could eat a big 'ol huge salad! It tasted so good! I will enjoy life as long as I can until it knocks me down again!


Holly Goodman said...

I'm so glad to hear it! I hope all continues to go well. Keep us all posted. ( :

~AliSa~ said...

That is a great picture of Kurt. I can't believe how big Austin is getting. I am jealous that my mom is coming out there to visit. I love and miss you and hope that all your treatments keep going well!