Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Catching up

Brent, Neil & Cade went up to the Draper Temple Open House with the Ward young men and young women. For some reason Brent didn't take any photos at the temple, but he did take one of his granddaughter Mikell because they came over to meet them when they were eating lunch at Chuck-A-Rama. Mikell went right to Cade but wasn't quite sure about Neil or Brent. They did have a great trip and they enjoyed seeing the new temple (and of course Chad, Melinda & Mikell). The drive home was a little dicey when they drove through a blizzard in the Cedar City area.
Here we are posing in front of the Universal Studios sign. We took the boys down for a quick trip to California for New Year's. We decided to have a little vacation before we were tied down for long with all of my cancer treatments. The weather was a little cold our 2 days in L.A. but by the time we got to Palm Springs it turned really nice and warm.

This is a photo from our little trip to Palm Springs...and yes the kids (this is Neil) were swimming the first part of January. The weather was great while we were there.

I haven't put a photo of Kurt on my blog for a while and here is one of Kurt for one of his baptisms. He is doing great and was just transferred to an area called Los Molinos in the D.R.
Thanks for all of your sweet comments on my blog. I had a blood test today and should find out soon the results. I have my 4th Chemo treatment and my first Radiation Treatment on Monday, February 23rd. Then I have radiation treatments every weekday for 6 weeks. Fun & Games!!



That pic of Mikell is funny! It's funny that she can point to all your pics and knows everyone and says they are all home but when she actually sees them she is scared. funny girl. Later that night we asked her where Cade was and she said, "lunch" haha we got a good laugh! What a little memory she has:) Love you all!

Alisha said...

We were at the Temple open house on Friday! It is beautiful! We faithfully had our camera with us hoping to pose outside for a nice photo, but never had the chance. Thanks for the missionary update!