Friday, June 26, 2009

More celebrations!

Yesterday was my birthday (yes Brent & I are both 53) and I am grateful for 1 more birthday! I received so many gifts and I say thank you to everyone. I tried to put the word out that we were going to ignore my birthday, but it didn't work very well. One of the best gifts was that I had a really good day and felt well. The day before I was not feeling well, so I was happy to have a good day. I even got dressed in real clothes, put on make-up and my wig because I had to renew my driver's license. It was expiring and they wouldn't extend it anymore. I called and told them my situation but they said sorry you have to come to the DMV and pay your fee and fill out your application and have a photo taken. So I did it. Brent bought me a shaved ice on the way home and that was my birthday treat for the day! It did taste good! Thanks again for all of the phone calls, emails, facebook messages, visits, and gifts!! It meant a lot to me! Love to you all!

Father's Day was fun! Here Brent is opening his presents with of course Austin helping! He is wearing his new shirt from Troy & Amy and checking out his new wind up flashlight from Todd & Rakel. He also got another shirt from Cade & Neil, a movie from Chad & Melinda, and coupons from Casey & Nichole for dinner and a night off from worrying about the boys (she & Casey took them to the new Transformers movie). Brent is a wonderful dad and I love him so much for that! He has been amazing during this cancer trial taking good care of me. He has to give me my medicine 4 times a day and he keeps my food tube pump working. It has not been easy with everything else he has going on in his life, but he keeps working hard to do it all!

This is a little Mazda 6 that we bought for Neil to drive in a few months...also, Brent & I will use it as a smaller car to run around in. Neil is very excited. He has had his driving permit since he turned 15, so it is nice he can practice driving a smaller car. He turns 16 Sept. 20th.


The Rohners said...

Happy Birthday! I'm glad you had a good day!!

Holly Goodman said...

I'm really glad to hear you felt ok on your birthday. What a blessing! I hope it was a good day.

Debbie 'n Gary Talbot said...

happy belated birthday! lucky neil, i can't believe he's almost 16!