Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Back in the hospital & Back home again!

This is a photo of me in better days gone by! A week after my last chemo I got really sick again and ended up going to the Emergency Room again on May 31st. My lovely cdiff bacteria returned again. I was ICU for a few hours and then ended up down on the 3rd floor again. (A lot of the nurses and CNAs are getting to know me by first name.) I was there for a week and I was neutropenic again and was in isolation again. My doctor called in 2 specialists to figure out what to do with me, since now I was on my 3rd time and Dr. Cobb decided I had contracted a superbug that is resistant to antibiotics. They ended up doing a rare procedure which I won't describe here, and we are hoping that now I will be healed! I came home June 7th with great hope to do better but feeling very tired. In fact, that whole next week I did a lot of sleeping!! Then when this last weekend hit I started feeling sick again! It really scared us and that is why poor Brent's birthday was so lame! We made arrangements to delay my PET scan because I am just not getting well enough to get my feeding tube out. Today I finally feel a little better so we are feeling more hopeful. Another sad thing is my hair is falling out...yes...I actually was getting a good head of 1/2 - 1 inch long hair, but 2 weeks exactly after my last chemo it started falling out. Hopefully I won't loose it all!
Here are more photos from Memorial Weekend when we were together.

Memorial weekend we all gathered together for Austin's 3rd birthday. It was Memorial Weekend and so Chad & Melinda & Mikell was there to help celebrate too with us here in St. George.

Happy 53rd Birthday to Brent (he doesn't look a day over 25). I was so sick that day he had to make his own birthday dinner, however, I did have Baskin & Robbins make him an ice cream cake. Our umbrella on our outdoor patio broke in the crazy wind while I was in the hospital so Brent went out and bought us a new umbrella...an exciting birthday. Luckily his kids all remembered to give him some gifts!



Glad you see you up and blogging! That must mean you are feeling a little better:) We are hoping!! Hope dad had a good birthday and got our present in the mail...one thing was for his bday and the other one is for father's day!! I told Chad to write that but he said, I'm sure he'll figure it out!! I want to come down and stay with Mikell so I will have to call you tomorrow and see what you think about that idea?!

Al said...

Fun pictures, thanks for sharing. I hope you feel better soon! Happy Birthday Uncle Brent!


Karen E said...

so glad to hear that you feel better today, but I am SO SORRY to hear all the heck (I am actually thinking another word) that you are enduring. You are absolutely amazing. I don't sense ONE BIT of murmuring from you. It sounds like you accept that it's "what it is" I am sure you have thought of this saying many times, but I think of you now as I say it, "God grant me the serenity to accept the things that I cannot change,
the courage to change the things I can
and the wisdom to know the difference.
I see you, Kristine, as having so much serenity, and then SO MUCH COURAGE to endure this.
I pray the Lord will consecrate your afflictions to your gain, 2 Ne 2:2
What a price you all are paying to "become acquainted with your God", but it is so worth it afterwards
I love you, hang in there, IT WILL GET BETTER
Love, Karen

Holly Goodman said...

You are one of those people who definitely has to "battle" cancer! What a trooper you are aunt Kristine! How disappointing to have that inch of hair fall out again. I remember being excited when I finally had some "fuzz" to work with. Keep up the fight!

amy g said...

That picture of you is beautiful!! YOu still look just as gorgeous! I was sad that we missed out on the family fun over Memorial Day! Looks like you guys had a good time! I was really looking forward to YOUR explanation of the said "procedure" but I guess that will have to wait :)! Hope you are feeling better each and every day, love you!