Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cade is 12 as of November 5th

Early morning birthday breakfast for Cade before he heads off to school at 7 a.m. He is wearing his new jacket he opened in one of his gifts. Can't believe my baby boy is 12 years old! No more Elementary school. No more Primary. No more Cub Scouts. One more year and he is a teenager!! Oh no!! We love you Cade! I know this post is belated...but better late than never!
Cade lighting his birthday cake! Neil sporting Cade's new Night Vision Goggles! Nichole smiling for the camera waiting to eat some of that Rainbow Chip cake.

One of Cade's cool presents from mom and dad. It is a giga ball and he and Neil had fun rolling each other around in it until some of the plastic bubbles popped.

Cade had a birthday party on Friday. We went to a cool park in town and had pizza and played. Then we came home and open presents and then the boys played night games in the neighborhood. Cade said that he had a great time!

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