Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Back from the Hospital Again

The power goes off and on for hours at a time. Here is Kurt trying to schedule their next day by candlelight. They also have to have mosquito netting over their beds and their study areas or they get bit like crazy. We loved talking to Kurt on Mother's Day!! He sounds great and is very happy! We talked longer than we were supposed to, but it is so hard because our family is so big and everyone wants to talk to him and Kurt wants to talk to everybody...and Kurt loves to talk! He said in his email to day that it really helped to buoy him up and it made him feel really ready to work hard again!

This is a photo of Kurt and his companion Elder Ogando (he is his first Dominican companion) at the baptism of Josefa. They have had quite a few baptisms lately, but it has taken a lot of work. So many of their investigators need to get married first and they had to help take care of that.

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