Wednesday, July 9, 2008

It has been a busy 7 months!

Brent & I were able to take the trip of a lifetime in April to Egypt and Israel. This is Brent in front of the Sphinx and a pyramid in the background. They are just outside the city of Cairo. The pyramid and Sphinx are huge and the photo is deceptive because he is standing quite far away so we could get both in the photo. Notice the tiny men in the corner of the photo. The trip was actually 18 days however we only stayed for about 10 days of it. We missed several days in Israel and the days they spent in Jordan. When we got home we have to prepare for Nichole & Casey's wedding and then Kurt for his mission.

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Todd & Rakel Gardner said...

Those few pictures are the only ones that we have seen of your fantastic trip. We really need to get together and look at all of them. Maybe you can put on a cool slide show or something for FHE.